About company

«InvestProfessional LTD» is an international company that supplies services of selecting the software for the foreign exchange and stock markets. The company receives the latest IT solutions and customizes them for trading in the financial markets. Besides, it works together with a number of firms involved in developing algorithmic strategies in order to create automated trading systems.


«InvestProfessional LTD» doesn’t work directly with persons, but it provides with the opportunity to supply their services on partners’ platforms. The aim of the company is to help their clients to choose the best way to invest funds with the help of a regulated online-provider.

Our advantages

20 years of experience

Possession of a licence

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Algorithmic strategies

Algorithmic strategies are the approach to financial trading that stands for a strict formalization of a trade strategy prior to the trading process and further use of the system automatically. What does the algorithm of the system include?


  • analysis of the market information from external sources;
  • risk and profit calculations;
  • opening and closing of the position based on the strategy.


Mechanical Trading Systems provide with the most accurate and timely trade settlement. Operators monitor algorithmic systems, collect and analyze the information about trade results, make adjustments and optimize the system. 

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management is the form of trust management of funds that the money means of a client remain in the account, but the assets are used by a trader in the ‘’Forex’’ market. Why is it efficient?

The investor earns on the market, while the portfolio manager makes money off commissions of the client’s profit. 

The advantage of the investor is the opportunity of risk diversification and division of the total amount among the portfolio managers with a different market approach. 

Trading maintenance

«Invest Professional LTD» offers the services in the sphere of trading in the financial markets and provides with the conditions to achieve the best results with minimal time costs.


The company offers the package of services:

  • trading signals for the ‘’Forex’’ market;
  • assistance of a professional trader;
  • consultations of the company’s analysts;

workshops arranged by the company and partners. 


Trading assistance is a personal team of analysts who will help a trader to perform a large number of deals and not to miss the best opportunity to enter the market. 

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 +44 (16) 1660-71-06 

Weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00 (GMT + 1)

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